As a parent you may have the impression that your child doesn’t know themselves, and that their responses are mostly vague when asked the inevitable question: “What are you going to do?” It is tempting to let the problem work itself out, but you can offer important guidance throughout this process.

Your collaboration is precious

You know your child better than anyone and can point out their strengths and qualities to help them choose according to their personality.

You can join them in their research, encourage them to participate in internships or volunteer experiences, and help them meet workers in different employment categories. You can also accompany them on visits to cégeps, vocational training centres and even to universities. Visit the Guidance for my child section for advice on how to better support your child.

While some students’ interests seem more defined and they already have a firm grasp on their career choices, others haven’t even addressed the question or are still undecided. Guidance services can help your adolescent discover more about themselves, and make distinct choices taking into account their personality, strengths, values and abilities.

The guidance counsellor proceeds step-by-step according to the student’s needs and can conduct evaluations that will help your child clarify their interests and abilities.

Specific educational pathways are available for youth experiencing academic difficulties (adaptation problems, dropping out, learning disabilities, etc.). Consult the Special needs section to learn more

Une adolescente, une jeune adulte et une adulte parlent d’orientation!

Qui influence le choix de carrière? Quelle place occupent les parents dans l’orientation? Comment aidez-vous votre enfant dans son orientation scolaire et professionnelle? Cliquez sur l’image de gauche afin de découvrir de courts témoignages très intéressants à ce sujet!