Help for students

This section contains information related to student life and different initiatives that are in place to support students in their integration, commitment and success.

Services specific to each university

Each university determines the assistance that they choose to offer students. The services are present on the website of each institution.

Whether it’s to offer practical advice on their studies, helping them improve their time management, developing a work strategy using various planning tools or learning to adequately prepare for exams, universities make different measures available to students.

Some examples

  • Family and schoolwork reconciliation workshops
  • Time-management workshops
  • Exam-preparation and exam-taking workshops
  • Complementary courses to provide students with the means to recognize and consolidate their skills
  • “Buddy” programs

Universities care about students’ success and well-being. They generally offer psychological support and follow-up services to those experiencing difficulties impeding or threatening their ability to function in school. These services aim to help students develop strategies to re-discover their psychological well- being. Follow-ups are conducted within a short- and medium-term intervention framework on a voluntary basis.

With the goal of supporting students as they elaborate and solidify their school and career plan, universities offer guidance services to help in the acquisition of habits and abilities necessary to take charge of their new educational, career and social-professional transformation.

They should consult a guidance counsellor when they

  • Question if they are in the right program.
  • Are losing interest in their studies.
  • Repeatedly question their direction.
  • Have failed one or more courses in their program.
  • Have grades that are not satisfactory.
  • Did not like or perform well in their internship.
  • Are feeling decreased school motivation.
  • Worry about life after school.
  • Don’t understand the job market.
  • Want to know themselves better so they can choose better.
  • Want to know the possibilities of higher cycle studies.
  • Are feeling insecurities or dissatisfaction in connection with their program and or career.

Who can access guidance counselling services?

Every student has access to guidance counselling services, whether they are registered as a full-time or part-time student.

Information inspired by the UQTR and Université Laval websites

One of the university’s mandates is to offer support allowing a student with a disability to maximize their chances of succeeding in their studies, as stipulated in the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Support adapted to each student

Once admitted, it is recommended to plan a meeting with the accessibility services to establish an intervention plan, prepare for starting school and determine which adaptation measures the student is entitled to. Universities put in place recommended measures, without discrimination or privilege, to make studies accessible to students who need help in their educational career.

Inspired by the UQTR website


Counsellors for disabled students in universities are part of an association inter-university Association.

Adapted services by University

Source : Association des c.o. du collégial (ACOC)

The Centres d’aide en français (CAF) support students in the development of their French language skills.

Examples of services offered

  • Mentoring in written French
  • Grammar workshops
  • Writing workshops
  • Oral communication workshops
  • The French diagnostic test (TEDFRA-UQTR)
  • Adapted services in collaboration with different departments

To facilitate their search for employment, many universities offer students tools, advice, practical guides and relevant connections.

Services offered

  • Posting of job offers from various employers
  • Curriculum vitae clinics
  • Workshops on resumés, presentation letters and job interviews

The financial support of the Ministry of Education aims to promote the integration of students and to support them financially during their university studies.

The programs

All universities offer services to help students find housing. The majority have on-campus residences and apartments, while others keep and update lists of off-campus housing available for students.

Each university operates according to its own housing criteria, deadlines and registration formulas. In all cases however, it is important to act early, before March 1. It is recommended to communicate with the university housing services when submitting applications.


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All students have the right to join an association, participate in forming an association, take part in its activities and its administration. The association represents students of a college or university institution and promotes their common interests relating to diverse activities: particularly their studies, services and the school administration.