Understanding the IEP (Alloprof parents)

Has the school told you that your child needs an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)? There is a very positive aspect to this! This personalized roadmap helps coordinate services that will help your child with their needs.

Take stock of your child’s abilities.

For example, is he able to organize his workspace?

Recognize their needs.

Can they control their impulsiveness?

Good to know

Parents, teachers and the student can identify their abilities and needs together.

Propose goals to develop certain skills

For example, stay focused on a given task for 15 minutes.

Good to know

The school team proposes goals, then meets with the parents.

List ways to achieve goals, e.g.:

  • Allow more time for the student to take the exam.
  • Use certain tools, such as a word predictor and a computer.
  • Plan to follow up with a speech language pathologist.
  • Think about the skills your child needs to work on.
  • Bring along the Individualized Education Plans from previous years, if any.
  • If your child is attending the meeting, explain to them what it’s about.
  • You can be accompanied by external support (from a CLSC, physical or intellectual rehabilitation centre). These professionals are accustomed to these meetings and can assist you.
  • Ask questions about the goals or the selected resources because they could have an impact on your child’s schooling.
  • Ask what you can do at home to help your child.

Good to know: your child’s progression may take a considerable amount of time, but don’t give up! The plan can also be adjusted during the school year as required.

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Writing: Marie-Ève Cloutier Scientific review: Valérie Leclair, psycho-educator Linguistic editing: Brigitte Dubé – Rewriting: Catherine Couturier Linguistic editing (rewriting): Marie-Pierre Gazaille