To support youth and adults

Just as they are in Quebec high schools, services are equally offered to youth and adults in vocational training. It is the school boards and school service centres that determine the educational services delivered by each vocational training centre.

Success above all

The educational services offered in vocational training are comprised of training services, assistance in the training process to allow the person to establish and accomplish their educational goal, as well as complementary services.

Are services that :

  • Support learning conditions favorable to perseverance and success.
  • Favor a stimulating environment that invites commitment to the program, the training environment and the community.
  • Encourage interpersonal relations, perspectives, health and well-being.

Complementary educational services can also include:

  • remedial instruction.
  • specialized education.
  • psycho-educational services.
  • psychology.
  • health and social services.
  • speech therapy.
  • student-life animation.

Some vocational training centres offer employment assistance services to their students. Their main goal is to create direct connections between graduates of the vocational sector and the labor market.

Through its activities and successes, this service contributes to changing mentalities based on the fact that the vocational sector produces competent and indispensable workers to today’s society.

The Ministry of Education offers the students registered in vocational training the possibility of benefiting from the Student Financial Assistance Program. Students should complete an application for financial assistance online. The person responsible for loans and bursaries at the school can support them in this process.

Admission to Quebec vocational training centres is done through the AdmissionFP system (formerly known as SRAFP – Service régional d’admission en formation professionnelle).

The mandate of AdmissionFP is to offer users:

  • A listing of programs offered through Quebec vocational training centres.
  • The coordinates of educational organizations, resource persons, directions, etc.
  • A place to apply online to programs that interest them.

The AdmissionFP system is managed by Inforoute FPT and administered by Compétences Québec.

Training programs displayed are sourced from the education ministry database and offers of service relative to each program are remotely managed by the respective educational organizations.

Recognition of Acquired Competencies is a process that permits adults to obtain official recognition of their skills. The competencies recognized are recorded in an official document attesting that all or some of the skills are part of a program of study.

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