Too many choices?

Choosing a program of study is sometimes difficult for youth who do not really know themselves very well, have little work experience and are looking at a large number of study programs. The concerns of students and parents are many, but simply being well-informed can be reassuring and opens new doors that are often very interesting.

Explore for better self-understanding

Vocational training must be one of the possibilities presented to young people so they can explore and consider all possible options. This qualified training represents more than 30% of what can be offered to students… For some of them the idea of renouncing it is equivalent to renouncing part of themselves!

As a parent, you can support them in discovering various trades. Such an exploration will help your child learn what does and does not suit them, and this will encourage their self-discovery! What’s more, once they begin their training, your encouragement and support will still be as important for their school success and perseverance. They will appreciate your support and your interest in their projects.

Student for a day

Many vocational training centres allow students to experience “student-for-a-day” activities, which permit a student interested in a vocational career to spend half of a day or a full day add a training centre to validate their career choice. They can be twinned with a current student, visit the school, follow a class and participate in activities.

Open houses

It’s also possible to participate in numerous open house days offered by the majority of Quebec’s vocational training centres. Visit the website of the centre that offers programs of interest to your child to know the dates of these activities.

Jeunes Explorateurs d’un jour

This is an experience allowing students in Secondary 4 and 5, and at the college level, to explore a trade or profession that interests them through one-day internships. This opportunity is offered to permit youth to know more about employment prospects, the environment they are likely to work in and how these occupations function. To know more visit (in French)


Academos helps youth 14 – 30 years old prepare for their future career and persevere in their studies by facilitating contact with people active in the job market via cyber-mentoring and social media. Learn more at (in French)

Vocational training concerns many parents because of old prejudices that endure. However, more and more youth, and adults, are succeeding in vocational training and occupying management posts for large companies, and many have salaries that surpass those of many college or university graduates.

Today’s Quebec education system favors varied pathways. Many graduates specialize in their field and still pursue college and university studies. The DEP-DEC gateways encourage access to higher education as college and university studies are equally possible for vocational training graduates!

Training and job fairs are indispensable events to explore vocational education in Quebec. The visits are interactive and allow youth to familiarize themselves with different fields of vocational training.

Some examples