My child is (or will be) in Secondary 4

In Secondary 4, your child will begin to gradually feel the end of their high school years approaching. Some adolescents experience anxiety facing options and career choices to come. In some cases, it’s possible to begin vocational training and training for a semi-skilled trade.

It is important for the parent and child to know the available choices and opportunities, as well as the consequences inherent in them, notably by consulting a guidance counsellor.

This is a pivotal year for youth and now is the right time for them to meet with a guidance counsellor who can help them discover who they are. A more profound reflection of their identity will help them make clear choices in consideration of their interests, values, abilities and personal traits … Visit the Guidance for my child section for more information.

Every young person evolves at their own rhythm, according to what they know about themselves and what they know about work and education. Some already have a profound self-knowledge and have a precise idea of what they want to do in the future, while others need more time for this process and the decision can be made later.

Don’t worry about it too much. Just follow your child’s pace while encouraging them with the help of the advice you will find on this site.

Specific educational pathways are available for youth experiencing academic difficulties (problems in adapting, dropping out, learning disabilities, etc.). Consult the Special needs section to learn more.