The adventure begins…

Even at this young age, children have already begun, consciously or unconsciously, to develop their identity. They are sometimes able to recognize certain abilities which are specific to them, or even stronger interests in certain fields (sports, arts, science, etc.). They also notice and want to know more about certain occupations. Do not worry if this is not the case for your child, as each young person develops at their own pace.

The parent is an important companion who can encourage their child’s identity development

Young people are often curious at this age. They may have already asked you questions about the working world or about different programs of study. They may want to become a firefighter, police officer, nurse or veterinarian. These are the professions often named by children because they are the most easily recognized by them. Other occupations will be added to their list as they develop.

You can help them in this big adventure. This means certain actions on your part, such as:

  • Helping your child to think about his strengths and weaknesses in his schoolwork (subjects, projects, activities).
  • Helping them express their interests (preferences) in relation to certain professional roles of those around them.
  • Encourage them to recognize some of their skills and talents in the occupations of different workers in their family, school and immediate environment.
  • Identify, together, good and bad habits, and attitudes about work at school and at home.
  • Acknowledge his positive traits.

Inspired by writings of Marcelle Gingras, guidance counsellor and retired professor, Université de Sherbrooke.