Is adult education the right choice for my adolescent?

Does your child talk to you about finishing secondary in adult education rather than continuing in high school? Does he tell you that it will be easier, that he will be more motivated and that he can finish faster?

But what is it really?

This method of learning effectively allows many adults to obtain their diploma or their prerequisites for a vocational or college program. While this option may seem interesting, certain elements must be considered before proceeding.

In general adult education, teaching is flexible and most of the time individualized. This means that each student in the class is at a different level and evolves at their own pace.

This type of learning requires a lot of autonomy and determination on the part of the student. They can work on two or three subjects at a time, so that they can spend several hours a week on the same subject. In addition, adult education centres can offer learning support and guidance services as needed.

You know your child well: Is he independent and persistent in his schoolwork? Does he have difficulty motivating himself?

Before making the decision to interrupt his high school studies for an adult education path, it is important to meet with a guidance counsellor  or a SARCA professional to assess, with the student, whether this choice is really suitable. These professionals can discuss the advantages and disadvantages in order to make an informed decision.

Inspired by the writings of Sonia Bourget, SARCA counsellor – CSDN