The year of many changes

The third year of high school is often considered the most demanding for many students. With the level of difficulty of classes increasing and your child in the middle of their adolescence, some parents may feel they are losing some control.

Don’t worry

Many young people still have no idea what they want to do later in life and that’s perfectly normal!

So is “changing your mind,” which is even beneficial because it allows them to explore, compare, get information and retain elements which reflect who they are, or not. By doing so, they learn about themselves, explore more avenues, evolve and mature. Asking an adolescent to make a final choice at such a young age can put enormous pressure on their shoulders!

Guidance in Secondary 3

It is also the year in which career exploration generally begins. Whether it’s through the Personal Orientation Project (POP) course or the school guidance counsellor, your child is likely to start thinking about themselves and their future. He will question his interests, aptitudes and values, and will explore with an overview of trades and professions.

Your support is essential

With your support, your child can find this process very rewarding. You know him better than anyone and can easily express what you think in relation to his main qualities, strengths and abilities. See the Guidance for my child section for more information.