Supporting adults

SARCA (Information on academic and career guidance services) supports adults, enrolled or not in general education or vocational training, in their efforts to fulfill their career or educational plan.

For reception, referral, counselling and support services

  • Reception and referral to services of an organization, school board or school service centre can respond to the student’s needs throughout the process of completing their plan.
  • Support clientèle with planning the steps required to complete their plan.

Services offered

Whether it’s for a return to school or a career change, guidance counsellors can guide adults throughout their reflection.

To help them

  • Specify a personal or professional objective considering the interests, abilities, values ​​and professional requirements in an employment field.
  • Make an informed decision among the various study programs.
  • Plan a return to school.
  • Establish a skills assessment using their academic, career and life journey to come up with realistic plans.
  • Guide his career or school path following a refusal of admission to an educational program.
  • Give direction to their life, and a sense of purpose to their studies.

To learn about

  • Professions
  • Vocational secondary, college and university programs
  • Conditions and procedures for admission to various programs
  • Loans and bursaries programs
  • Distance learning
  • Online databases of career choices, professional integration and employment

To obtain or have recognition for

  • A certificate of school prerequisites.
  • The functional prerequisites for admission to vocational training (GDT and prerequisites).
  • An equivalence of secondary studies (SSET, GED).
  • Extracurricular learning in general education.
  • Skills acquired through life and work experience for a vocational studies program (RAC).

Exploration of prior learning allows adults to

  • Confirm and understand the significance of their academic achievements.
  • Determine their current competencies (educational and experiential) in adult education or vocational training by analyzing their personal and professional development.
  • Better assess the feasibility of a possible career or educational plan.
  • Be informed about the possibilities of recognition of prior learning, if applicable.
  • Establish, update or validate an action plan as part of their plan.
  • Receive a summary report of their achievements.
  • To support adults in achieving their goals throughout their studies.
  • View the official SARCA list by school board, school service centre and administrative region.
  • Generally, the services are free but certain fees may be required for opening a file.