Entering the job market

In Secondary 4 and 5, many young people have begun to search for employment and some already have their first summer job or part-time job.

It’s an excellent way to learn and understand how the job market works (organizational structure, employment categories, etc.).

It is recommended not do so however, to the detriment of their studies. Only a few hours of work each week can suffice for a young person to earn some pocket money and more importantly, become responsible and discover their interests in connection with the job market.

Help for youth

When it comes to searching for work, some employment agencies like the Carrefours jeunesse-emploi, offer free assistance for youth who want to create a curriculum vitae and begin their job search.

Discovering the job market can be a very pleasant experience with your support. Whether it’s by visiting companies you know, meeting workers in your circle, or by navigating employment websites, your child will appreciate this interest you are showing.