Being present in their school helps your child succeed!

You are not facing your child’s quest for academic success and perseverance alone, because it is a collaborative effort… between youth and their parents, adults around them, teachers, school staff and the community.

Source : CRÉVALE Lanaudière

  • Encourage your child to persevere and praise them.
  • Structure homework by establishing a regular schedule.
  • Communicate with their teacher in case of difficulties.
  • Check the content and tidiness of their schoolwork and get informed about their deadlines.
  • Verify that your teenager is writing their exam dates and assignment due dates in their agenda.
  • Encourage them to eat well before leaving the house. Breakfast and a snack promote concentration.
  • Remind your child that studying with headphones on, or in front of the television, will harm their concentration and ability to memorize information.
  • A high school student can work 10 to 15 hours per week; working more than this can compromise their school success.
  • An adolescent must get from 8-10 hours of sleep per night.
  • Being supported in their efforts
  • A desire to learn
  • Awareness of the importance of succeeding at school for their future
  • Being organized
  • Independence
  • Motivation

Source : Studies by Université Laval professor-researcher Pierrette Bouchard.

As you know, parents play a key role in the daily support of their child.

What is most important are the daily relations we have each day with our children:

  • Knowing what they are experiencing at school
  • Taking interest in their projects and their friends
  • Highlighting their qualities
  • Taking time to have fun together
  • Encouraging them to take on decisions and responsibilities
  • Praising them

Simple signs of affection! Each day, parents help their children build their confidence. The opinion that young people have of their own abilities often influences their school success.

Source: CRÉPAS

The brochure produced by the FCPQ (Quebec Federation of Parents’ Committees) contains simple and concrete measures blank by research of the CTREQ, to help your child develop their full success potential.

Helping them is easier than you think:

  • Encourage reading
  • Value their effort
  • Maintain good communication
  • Promote a positive vision of school
  • Offer structure that promotes autonomy
  • Make plans for the future

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Parents play a major role in the school perseverance of their adolescent when they are in high school. They must notably:

  • continue to demonstrate interest in their youth’s learning in their child’s learning.
  • encourage them, especially in case of learning difficulties or issues with friends or teachers.
  • not hesitate to praise them for their successes and their improvements.
  • ensure that they are not absent from class.
  • encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • maintain an open dialogue with them, not hesitate to talk about their projects, school, social relations, sexuality and drugs.
  • help them better understand and define themselves and a life project.
  • discuss their ambitions, strengths and weaknesses and guide them in their career choices.
  • help their passions blossom and support them in their quest for independence, new experiences and to excel.
  • have them take responsibility for their choices and their future.
  • help them balance work and studies if they have a job, specifically to assure that the number of work hours does not harm their schoolwork.
  • continue to collaborate with teachers and participate in school life.
  • value education and training, because obtaining a diploma to qualify them for the labour market is becoming more and more necessary.

 Source: CRÉPAS