Internet Terms of Use

1.00 Preamble

The Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec (hereinafter the “Order”) owns and operates a website at the address This site is available to the general public with the exception of certain sections reserved for the exclusive use of Order members.

By browsing the Order’s website, you accept the following terms and conditions.

2.00 Copyright and intellectual property

Unless otherwise stated, the form and content of the Order’s website are protected by applicable law pertaining to intellectual property, including copyright. All of the information and documents available on the website are the exclusive property of the Order.

Users are forbidden from reproducing for distribution, by any means whatsoever, texts, opinions, advice, data and information found on or made available through the website. Users may, however, file a request to reproduce such content with Francis Dugas, Communications Coordinator, at If permission is granted, the user must proceed in accordance with the instructions issued by the Order.

Users may reproduce website content for strictly personal use, provided the source is identified and the reproduction is faithful to the original text.

It is expressly forbidden to sell or modify, for public or commercial purposes, any text, opinion, advice, data or information found on or made available through the Order’s website.

3.00 Limitation of liability

The texts, opinions, advice, data, information, videos, and images expressed or made available on the website or through hyperlinks are the sole responsibility of the author and not that of the Order or its officers.

Website content and hyperlinks are provided for information purposes only. They must not, under any circumstance, be interpreted as legal or expert advice. Information, documents, videos and images on the website are offered “as is” on the date of publication.

The Order strives to keep the website up to date but does not guarantee that it will continuously perform updates to that end. The Order reserves the right to make changes to the website without notice.

The Order accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy, error or omission on its website, or for the consequences of any nature whatsoever related to its use. Should you notice an error on the site, please report it to Francis Dugas, Communications Coordinator, at so that the error can be corrected as quickly as possible.

The Order does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the website, hyperlink content or links used to send an email to the site.

The Order’s website may contain links to external websites. Such links are provided solely for reference purposes, and the Order is not responsible for any content or material available on those other sites. Furthermore, the fact that the Order’s website contains links to external sites does not mean that the Order is associated with the companies or organizations that publish those sites.

At all times, the Order reserves the right to not publish information whose content may be harmful, discriminatory or vulgar, or which may contain false allegations.

4.00 Security and confidentiality

The Order has a system to protect its computer and electronic communications. However, the Order is in no way responsible for the possible transmission of computer viruses in any manner whatsoever. Visiting the Order’s website and downloading documents and images from the site are at entirely at the user’s risk.

While the Order takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of its website, it is not liable for any damages to users or to a third party caused by use of the site.

5.00 Electronic payment

Whenever an electronic payment is made using the Order’s transactional sites, no personal information pertaining to the payment is recorded or saved by the Order.

6.00 Email

Any email sent by a user in the Contactez-nous section or elsewhere on the website is not secure during transmission. It is therefore important not to include any personal or confidential information in such an email.

7.00 Jurisdiction and applicable law

These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Québec and Canada. Any dispute that arises from the application of these Terms of Use shall be brought before the court of the judicial district in which the Order’s headquarters are located, which is to say Montréal.

To submit a comment or request information concerning these Terms of Use or the use of the Order’s website, please contact the site administrator at

Policy version: This policy was adopted by the Board of Directors on November 25th, 2023.