The final year of high school is filled with all types of emotions for most youth. They are preparing for their prom, planning to get their driver’s license, trying to get through their school year successfully and above all, make a career choice!

Choices that frighten them

The notion of choice is, for many, a great source of anxiety. Young people fear making a mistake, making the wrong choice, not being accepted, leaving their family and friends, and taking a decision that will have consequences on their future!

Your support is essential!

As a parent your role is of major importance. Without directly asking for it, your child still needs your support, regardless of the choices they are making. You may have had the impression that they’re not paying attention but don’t fool yourself – they retain most of your comments and this has important consequences in their decision-making process.

No choice is definitive

At the risk of being repetitive: Nothing is definitive! It happens that some young people change programs of studies midway through their studies. Those who haven’t yet discovered who they really are, or who don’t have work or volunteer experience, need to explore different training and education options to know themselves better. Visit the Guidance for my child section for advice and tips to better support your child.