Students can change general education paths at the end of each school year if they desire.

Most courses (French, Math, English, etc.) are the same in the two general education paths, and your child will find their friends in these common courses. It is better however, to encourage them to make a choice in terms of their own interests and not that of their friends.

Both general pathways lead to the same secondary diploma and are equally complete and demanding.

It is important that it is the students, with the help of their parents, who choose the courses according to their interests and personalities. However, teachers and guidance counsellors remain available to support students and help them to better discover themselves.

The two general education paths prepare the students as much for vocational training as for a college education, leading to university studies or not.

This program is divided into work placements (stages) and studies. The student learns all subjects except for Arts and prepares to practice a trade that corresponds to his needs and abilities. At the end of the program, the student will receive a Pre-Work Training certificate from the Ministry of Education.

This program focuses on studies in French, Math and English, and leads to a Training for a Semi-skilled Trade certificate issued by the Ministry of Education. The student can rapidly enter the labour market if they desire and do so with success.

Source: publication produced by the Centre de services scolaire de la Capitale and the Centre de services scolaire des Appalaches, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.