Multiple possibilities

Career indecision is typical of most students. It signals their inability to choose their education or vocation when the time comes for them to make this important decision.

  • Incomprehensible information (multiple levels of study, complicated school system).
  • The fear of being wrong (making the “perfect” choice, having to renounce certain possibilities).
  • A multitude of choices.
  • The influence of information (rate of placement, professions of the future).
  • The implications (impact on their life).
  • Peer pressure.
  • More than 4000 academic courses.
  • More than 1300 trades.
  • Professional, technical, university, continuing, specialized and semi-specialized training.
  • Diplomas and attestations, including DEP, DEC, B.A., AEC, AFP, certificates, short programs, etc.
  • College admissions systems, such as SRAM, SRACQ, SRASL, SRAFP, etc.

It is not easy for young people to make sense of their place amid all this information, and that often leads to indecision!

Excerpt from: Falardeau, I. et R. Roy, S’orienter malgré l’indécision : à l’usage des étudiants indécis et de leurs parents déboussolés, Septembre éditeur, 1999, 134 pages.