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To better support your child in their educational and career orientation.

Espace parents was designed to help Quebec parents better understand what their adolescents are experiencing by offering them tools to support their children in their personal and identity development throughout their high school studies.

* (The use of masculine gender includes the feminine and is employed solely for clarity and brevity.)*

Guidance at school

Guidance counsellors are also available for parents who need guidance to support their children

To help the student with self-discovery

The guidance counsellor helps the student recognize their personality traits, values and interests, to persevere with their studies and find their place in society.

Vocational training

The future is promising!


Easily accessible, vocational training emphasizes practical instruction to properly prepare youth for the labor market. To know more, visit the Vocational training section.

Adult Education

When general education for youth is no longer suitable


The general secondary educational path does not always respond to the needs of some individuals. Consult the Adult education section.