Educational requirements

The Quebec Education Program (QEP) aims to educate all youth in the best way possible, in a complex and evolving social context that requires constant readjustment of educational practices.

The demands are particularly high in Secondary Cycle 2 where, in their adolescence, young people begin a period of transition characterized by a more robust search for intellectual, emotional and social autonomy.

  • It aims to develop skills by students actively engaged in their learning process.
  • It integrates all materials into a harmonized unit focusing on the major challenges of contemporary life.
  • It explicitly pursues cross-curriculum learning that transcends disciplinary boundaries.
  • It calls on the professional expertise of all education stakeholders and allows individual and collective choices.
  • A general education path.
  • An applied general education path.
  • A work-oriented training path that offers two levels of study: pre-work training or training for a semi-skilled trade. See Choosing a path for Secondary 3 for information.

Since May 1, 2010, to earn a high school diploma, students must accumulate at least 54 credits in Secondary 4 or 5, at least 20 credits in Secondary 5 and the following:

  • 6 credits of language of instruction in Secondary 5.
  • 4 second language credits in Secondary 5.
  • 4 mathematics credits in Secondary 4.
  • 4 credits in Secondary 4 science and technology, or 6 credits in applied science and technology.
  • 4 credits in Secondary 4 history and citizenship education.
  • 2 credits in Secondary 4 arts.
  • 2 credits in Secondary 5 ethics and religious culture, or physical and health education.

Note that the credits of vocational training programs leading to a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) or an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS) are counted in the accumulation of 54 credits in Secondary 4 and 5. The high school diploma may also be awarded to adult learners who must meet different requirements. Consult the MEES Transcripts and Diplomas website for more information.

It is also time to check with your school about the possibility of your child meeting with a guidance counsellor. Due to the reduction of personnel in some schools waiting times can vary, but there are other ways to meet a guidance professional. Visit the Guidance for my child section for more information.