Quality training

Easily accessible, vocational training emphasizes practical instruction to properly prepare youth for the labor market. One can find more than 150 programs of study, one as interesting as the next, and whose futures are very promising.

A good future for graduates

According to the most recent projections by Emploi-Québec, thousands of jobs requiring a vocational education will be available in the coming years in Quebec. Many of these trades offer favorable employment prospects, and for which the demand for manpower will be high and unemployment rates low.

Enduring prejudices

Vocational training, while producing qualified graduates who are very much in demand in the job market, can still have a negative connotation for parents who want the best for their child.

Demystify vocational training to have a better idea about these often-unfounded prejudices! To better understand vocational training, we invite you to visit the Demystifying vocational training section.